When you're looking for the serious contender in the Web site hosting marketplace, you're looking for RSH Web Services.
Even though we might not be the biggest player in town, we certainly aim to be the best more than anything else.

It's always easier to promote your brand when you have a custom domain name,
so our domain registering service makes it easy to register your brand at several different top-level domains.
Should you have an account with another domain name registering group,
you can bring it over to us and get a year of renewal in the process.

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We have Web hosting options to fit everyone's needs,
and we've done our best to remain scalable so everyone can find what they want in a hosting service.

Our lowest prices packages start at less than $7 a month. Even these includes email accounts, subdomains and FTP accounts.
Despite this low cost, we still offer plenty of disk space for you.

Email Hosting Products
Naturally we also offer Email hosting solutions to our customers that come with all of our packages.
Customers in the general market opt to work with businesses that have professional email addresses,
since this is a sign of business legitimacy and stability.
Many might pass on companies that have email addresses registered with free services,
so our services are designed to get you the type of email inbox that you need.

Additionally, we offer the Softaculous Apps Marketplace with every one of our hosting plans
as well as other products like WordPress hosting and SSL certificates.

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